One of the most innovative and advanced u-PVC recycling operations in the UK.
Over 200 years of combined experience in UPVC recycling.
A comprehensive range of post industrial and post consumer products.

With 27 years of recycling experience ECOPLAS is of the leading PVC-u recycling operations in the UK. Ecoplas is at the forefront of both the collection of redundant material and pioneering new technology, offering one of the most advanced and innovative recycling processes in the UK. Ecoplas has a vision for a better alignment in green strategic direction in order to deliver sustainable waste recycling solutions.

PLEASE NOTE: There are currently no Government supported window or door scrappage schemes and we currently do not endorse any external schemes. For more information contact us at 0845 37 27 556

we collect...

We collect nationwide from;

  • Window fabricators & installers
  • Waste management companies
  • Housing contract sites

So whether you have a few business locations in one area or 10 across the UK we can help. We have the capability to process old window and door frames converting them to reusable material which can be used as a raw material in the manufacture of new building products. 

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we recycle...

Preventing post consumer windows and doors going to landfill is not only environmentally beneficial but has a direct impact on project delivery and cost effectiveness. Under current government commitments landfill tax is set to continue to rise. By adopting and implementing sustainable practices companies can manage resources, build their environmental reputation and ultimately reduce costs.

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we supply...

Ecoplas has the capacity to reprocess 50,000 tonnes of PVC-u waste and supplies a range of products for the extrusion industry in the form of:

    • PI white pellet
    • PCW white pellet
    • Range of coloured pellet
    • Jazz pellet
    • PI pulver
    • PCW and foam pulver
    • White re-chip
    • Jazz re-chip

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