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If you fancy being part of the action in a fast paced slightly bonkers sales environment then give us a call or email us. We'd love to hear from you! 

12 month window collections for the price of one skip. Sign up now and receive a free recycling certificate!!

The average window manufacturer and installer in your area dispose of 30-40 upvc frames per week which is an average 1.8 tonnes per month. The average skip cost in your area is £364 for a 16yd skip which holds 1.6 tonnes. If you have one skip exchange per month you could be paying an annual cost of £4,368!! that’s an ouch...2 skips £8,736 a bigger ouch.. Using Ecoplas you would SAVE A MASSIVE £2,688 to £5,376 PER YEAR!!!!

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Recruiting Apprentices Now

Ecoplas are making a significant investment in expanding its operation and are looking to recruit a number of apprentices. This is an exciting opportunity to be part of the UK's largest independent upvc recycler in the UK, with the possibility of future personal development and growth opportunities.

Careers @ Ecoplas

Continued solutions for Installers and Fabricators Nationwide

Offering cost effective waste management solutions for businesses large and small with a logistics solution for both post industrial off-cuts and post consumer frame collections nationwide.
We are currently implementing new systems and solutions with benefits directly passed on to the customer. 

"Ecoplas is seeing a renewed energy within its operation, where many recycling companies are struggling. Our calls to site are increasing due to fabricators and installers being let down by their current recyclers. We are pleased that with our nationwide infastructure we can offer them an immediate solution. With collection turn around times currently working to 48hr notice times fabricators and installers can concentrate on their core business whilst we recycle their waste"-Jane Tippett.